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What is Free Hosting?

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The tools and information you need to START, EXPAND & PROMOTE any business - on or off the Net. Well, one of the main topics is starting your business.

One of the many email questions is "where do go to find a hosting company? ...

There are all sorts of problems with this. To top it off, we now have "free hosting" on the Net. Ahhhh! This is crazy ... nothing is really free on the Net as far as ISP and hosting. You WILL PAY in one way, shape or form (most of it will be in wasted time and energy).

HIGHLY recommended that you do NOT go with ANY free hosting company. If you want to run a business ... especially a successful one, this is the WORST mistake you will make!

1   Visitors perceive free sites as small time and unprofessional. The also lack credibility because any thief or scam artist can get a free site up and running in a day or so, take your money and off he/she goes. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY BACK from these scammers! This happens all the time and YOUR customers don't want this to happen to them!

2   If you do manage to establish a business using a free web site address, your name becomes linked with THEIR name. You will not be able to establish your business and later on, you will go through HELL to get on your own!

3   They can shut you down instantly. If you get accused of spamming, they'll cut you off - you don't even get the chance to defend yourself! Any problem that can happen, they will remove you.

4   Why not? .you're not paying for anything, so it's entirely up to them and you have NO SAY! They could go out of business, leaving you with nothing! Once again, this happens daily. Actually, what most do is they just restart another company, AFTER they have taken all of your information and given it to advertisers!!!

5   You spend all your time and money advertising a URL connected to someone else. You are totally relying on their good graces and business sense. If anything at all happens to your URL, you've lost all of your hard earned incoming links, your advertising does you no good, and your customers don't have the slightest idea where to find you (you are lost forever and all of your hard work goes down the toilet!).

6   They advertise on YOUR site. (Or more to the point, in THEIR space.) If you are getting it for free ... it's THEIR space. So you put up with advertising that you can't control, either in content or location. Some of the free web sites take up the first whole screen with the "owner's" banner ads and sales info. This is NOT the proper way for you to run a business!

7   Your visitors could get a constant stream of pop-up screens advertising the free host's "stuff." Having to constantly shut down pop-up screens is very annoying to most visitors. And when visitors get annoyed, THEY LEAVE!

8    If you don't read the small (tiny) print, you may be giving up the copyright to all your web content … in exchange for your "free" web space. If that doesn't scare you, what does?

9    Here's the most important part ... you are limited in EVERYTHING! The amount of traffic your site can receive, bandwidth, scripts that you can install, emails, auto-responders, etc., etc. We hear it all the time from customers who's sites CRASH because they hit their limits or something else that is "limited".

That's just a partial list of problems with free hosting companies. Don't limit yourself with a free hosting company because it WILL limit all of your sales and profits as well!

Anyway, a free hosting company is fine if you just want a personal web site for your friends and family to come to. Maybe you want to post directions to your house, your phone, pictures of your new baby or whatever else "personal" at this free site. But if you are going to be doing business, then NO WAY should you get a free hosting site.


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